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The library at American Trinity University is arranged with diversified publications, mainly theological and religious Counseling texts and books, Our library represents collections of periodicals and journals as well relevant to the University's courses and programs. We do our best to update and expand the library's collections to meet the needs of academic programs and curricula. Students at American Trinity University have access to our online library system that can be accessed anywhere at anytime for student's conveniences.

* Library Hours

Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

* Library Rules

• Excessive noises or disruptive behaviors against other people should not be permitted
• Consumption of food or drinking beverages are prohibited
• Library materials on exhibition sections are not to be rent
• Fixed periodicals should be returned to their own places
• Any renting and returning books should be checked in or out before 10 minutes of closing time of the library
• A person who is not complying with the rules and policies of the library may be asked to leave the library
• Making copies of any copyright documents are prohibited; making copies of non-copyright documents are charged ($0.25 per page)