Bachelor of Christian Leadership
      Bachelor of Family Ministry
      Bachelor of Healing Ministry
      Bachelor of Missiology
      Bachelor of Religious Counseling
      Bachelor of Religious Education
      Bachelor of Religious Law Studies
      Bachelor of Theology
      Bachelor of Religious Studies
      Bachelor of Religious Philosophy
      Bachelor of Yogic Studies
      Bachelor of Course Description
      Master of Christian Leadership
      Master of Divinity
      Master of Family Ministry
      Master of Healing Ministry
      Master of Missiology
      Master of Religious Counseling
      Master of Religious Education
      Master of Religious Law Studies
      Master of Religious Studies
      Master of Religious Philosophy
      Master of Yogic Studies
      Master of Course Description
      Doctor of Christian Leadership
      Doctor of Family Ministry
      Doctor of Healing Ministry
      Doctor of Missiology
      Doctor of Religious Counseling
      Doctor of Religious Education
      Doctor of Religious Law Studies
      Doctor of Theology
      Doctor of Religious Studies
      Doctor of Religious Philosophy
      Doctor of Yogic Studies
      Doctor of Course Description

Doctor of Religious Education

The purpose of the study for the degree of Doctor of Religious Education is to prepare student for top-level leadership in Religious education for seminaries, publishing agencies, social service agencies, and denominational organizations. The program of study leading to the Doctor of Religious Education is designed for qualified men and women who are engaged in teaching related ministries. Leaders in the field of education are seen as those who assume a facilitating role in accomplishing the goals and objectives of an education system whether it be as a superintendent, principal, curriculum director, instructional supervisor, or university administrator.

Course# Course Title units
DED101 Administration of Religious Education
DED102 Educational Psychology
DED103 Educational Leadership in The Church
DED104 Philosophies of Religious Education
DED105 Personal and Interpersonal Development
DED106 Life Span Development in Educational Ministry
DED107 Theology of Religious Education
DED108 Methods of Teaching
DED109 Curriculum in Religious Education
DED110 Curriculum Evaluation
DED111 Educational Ministry to Children
DED112 Educational Ministry to Youth
DED113 Educational Ministry to Adults
DED114 Alternative Delivery Systems in Education
DED115 Special Studies in Christian Education
DED799 Dissertation
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
8 units
68 units