Bachelor of Christian Leadership
      Bachelor of Family Ministry
      Bachelor of Healing Ministry
      Bachelor of Missiology
      Bachelor of Religious Counseling
      Bachelor of Religious Education
      Bachelor of Religious Law Studies
      Bachelor of Theology
      Bachelor of Religious Studies
      Bachelor of Religious Philosophy
      Bachelor of Yogic Studies
      Bachelor of Course Description
      Master of Christian Leadership
      Master of Divinity
      Master of Family Ministry
      Master of Healing Ministry
      Master of Missiology
      Master of Religious Counseling
      Master of Religious Education
      Master of Religious Law Studies
      Master of Religious Studies
      Master of Religious Philosophy
      Master of Yogic Studies
      Master of Course Description
      Doctor of Christian Leadership
      Doctor of Family Ministry
      Doctor of Healing Ministry
      Doctor of Missiology
      Doctor of Religious Counseling
      Doctor of Religious Education
      Doctor of Religious Law Studies
      Doctor of Theology
      Doctor of Religious Studies
      Doctor of Religious Philosophy
      Doctor of Yogic Studies
      Doctor of Course Description

Master of Family Ministry

The program is designed to provide believers with basic counseling skills and approaches foundational for effective ministry to families in the local church. The Master of in Family Ministry is designed to equip highly competent professionals to conduct research, publish and teach. The degree emphasizes family ministry components of education and places a strong emphasis on family ministry leaders’ training.

Course# Course Title units
MFM101 Biblical Integration to Counseling
MFM102 Spirituality in Counseling
MFM103 Professional Course Work
MFM104 Theories of Counseling
MFM105 Development Psychology
MFM106 Communication Skills
MFM107 Abnormal Psychology
MFM108 Human Relationships
MFM109 Child & Youth Counseling
MFM110 Marriage & Family Counseling
MFM111 Introduction to Research Methods
MFM112 Premarital Counseling
MFM113 Biblical Foundations of Marriage and Family
MFM114 Introduction to Adolescent Counseling
MFM115 Special Topics in Counseling
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
60 units