Bachelor of Christian Leadership
      Bachelor of Family Ministry
      Bachelor of Healing Ministry
      Bachelor of Missiology
      Bachelor of Religious Counseling
      Bachelor of Religious Education
      Bachelor of Religious Law Studies
      Bachelor of Theology
      Bachelor of Religious Studies
      Bachelor of Religious Philosophy
      Bachelor of Yogic Studies
      Bachelor of Course Description
      Master of Christian Leadership
      Master of Divinity
      Master of Family Ministry
      Master of Healing Ministry
      Master of Missiology
      Master of Religious Counseling
      Master of Religious Education
      Master of Religious Law Studies
      Master of Religious Studies
      Master of Religious Philosophy
      Master of Yogic Studies
      Master of Course Description
      Doctor of Christian Leadership
      Doctor of Family Ministry
      Doctor of Healing Ministry
      Doctor of Missiology
      Doctor of Religious Counseling
      Doctor of Religious Education
      Doctor of Religious Law Studies
      Doctor of Theology
      Doctor of Religious Studies
      Doctor of Religious Philosophy
      Doctor of Yogic Studies
      Doctor of Course Description

Doctor of Religious Philosophy

The Doctor of Religious Philosophy offers a deep and fascinating exploration into humanity's search for meaning. Through the study of religion students acquire a deeper understanding of ideas, beliefs and concerns that have influenced and continue to influence human existence. The Department is dedicated to fostering an environment that furthers religious understanding on its background, ideology, thought systems of the East and the West. Doctor of Religious Philosophy will deal with contemporary critical theory in the academic study of religious philosophical themes, doctrines and theories of different religious thought systems and an advanced working knowledge of major religious socio-cultural traditions.

Course# Course Title units
DPH101 Comparative Religious Ethics
DPH102 Islamic Philosophy
DPH103 Philosophy of Religion
DPH104 Indian Religious Philosophy
DPH105 East Asian Buddhist Philosophy
DPH106 Asian Ethical Systems
DPH107 Greek Religious Philosophy
DPH108 Problems in Medieval Religious Philosophy
DPH109 Modern Religious Philosophy: Descartes to Kant
DPH110 19th-Century Religious Philosophy
DPH111 Rabbinic Judaism: Literature, History, and Beliefs
DPH112 Jews, Gentiles, and Christians in the Ancient World
DPH113 Religion and Medicine
DPH114 Religion and the Meaning of Existence
DPH115 God, Self and World
DPH799 Dissertation
Total Upper Division:
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
8 units
68 units