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Academic Regulations


* Registration

Registration is processed upon student's acceptance to the University. The Office of Admissions and Records must have student's completed application and registration forms before a student is properly registered. Non-refundable registration fee $100 is required upon your registration. After an official registration period, there will be a late registration fee. Registration dates are specified in the catalog calendar.

* Academic Load Policy

Regular academic requirement for a full-time student is as follows:

• Undergraduate Students: 12 units or more per quarter
• Graduate Students: 8 units or more per quarter
• Student with lesser units specified above is considered as part-time student.

* Grading System And Transcripts

Classification of class standing for undergraduate programs

• Freshmen: 0-29 quarter units
• Sophomore: 30-59 quarter units
• Junior: 60-89 quarter units
• Senior: 90 or more quarter units

* Grade Percent Grade Point

A                   90-100%       4.00     Excellent
B                   80-89%         3.00     Good
C                   70-79%         2.00     Satisfactory
D                   60-69%         1.00     Poor
F Below          60%             0.00     Failure

* Grade Reports

Grades are reported within two weeks of the end of the qurter. Students are notified of any grade difinency.

* Grade Assignment

Final grades will be available at the end of each quarter. The instructor shall determine the grade gien to each student, except in the case of a mistake, fraud, and incompetency.

* Grade Change

Only the instructor is authorized to issue grade changes.

A student who wishes to request a grade change may take the following steps:

• Contact the instructor. Of there was a mistake in reporting the grade, the instructor
will institute a grade change through the office of admissions and records. • If the request for a grade change is denied by the instructor, the student may request for a review of the grade from the dean, the chair of the department, or the program director.
• Any request for grade change should be made no later than the end of the following quarter

* Transcripts

Transcripts will be sent upon the student’ written request. Please allow 10 business days to receive an official transcript. Should you have an official transcript ready for your prospect institution, plan ahead for on-time arrival of the transcript.

* Abbreviations

I Incomplete                        0.00
P Passed course(not included in GPA)
Challenge exam                  0.00
GR                 Grade
GP                 Grade Points
GPA               Grade Points Average
UT                  Units
UT ATT           Units Attended
UT EARN        Units Earned
SP                 Satisfactory Progress
AU                 Audit
CR                 Credit
NC                 No Credit
TC                 Transfer Credit
RD                 Report Delayed
W                  Withdrawal

* Incomplete Grade

Student receives incomplete grade 'I'. if a student fails to complete assignments and exams during the course term and obtains an extended due date from the instructor. Incomplete grade is given for compelling reasons such as medical or deemed appropriate by the instructor. All course requirements must be completed no later than the end of the next quarter. ‘’will automatically turn into 'F' if no record of completed requirement shows.

* Repeating Courses

A student who receives a grade of 'C' or lower may repeat the course to increase the grade point average. When a course is repeated, higher grade will only remain in the student’ record. A course may be repeated only once.

* Add and Drop Policy

Any course can be added with five business days of the first class session. After the fifth business day, courses can no longer be added. Courses dan be dropped up to four weeks after commencing of classes. After four weeks, further changes cannot be made to the schedule. Students may add or crop courses after the Add/Drop course deadlines by securing an approval from the instructor in charge or from the Academic Dean with filing the add/drop form available at the Registrar's Office. It is student’s responsibility to officially drop or withdraw classes which should not be in the student's program.

Dropping a course will not be permitted during the last three weeks of classes except under the following conditions:

1. Serious illness or accident resultng in considerable loss of class time
2. Serious financial difficulty or other personal problems of grave nature which require withdrawal from an overwhelming academic load
3. Verified emotional disturbances requiring professional attention
4. Other pertinent reasons and mitigating circumstances that were clearly beyond the control of the student, such as a natural disaster or major misfortune in the family

* Auditors

An auditor must qualify as a regular standing student to audit courses in a degree program, and he/she has to meet any course prerequisite requirements. Auditor is allowed to audit only when the instructor approves for the course. An abbreviated admission process is necessary to receive this status, and $40 audit fee per unit is required.

* Audit to Credit

Once an audit student is accepted to a degree program, changes can be made from audit to credit prior to the beginning of the third week of a given quarter in which the student is taking the course. Students who wish to change from audit to credit status must submit an 'Audit to Credit' form, available in the Admissions Office.

* Credit for Prior Experiential Learning

American Trinity University may award credits for prior experiential learning uncer some circumstances.

* Make-Up Exam Policy

Make-up assignments for a course should be only made by the instructor in charge and only at the discretion of the instructor.

Make-up and re-test final exams may be given as follows:

• The Dean of the College should make the final decision to grant or deny of the make-up/re-test request
• If a student misses the final examination, the student must contact the instructor in advance and must secure his/her endorsement on the Make-up Examination Request form, available at the office of Administration.
• If a re-test is desired, secure the instructor’ endorsement of the Re-test Request form indicating that the student has made a good effort to pass the course, and could reasonably be expected to pass the exam. The re-test is given at the discretion of the instructor of the course.
• The make-up examination or re-test must be completed before the first day of the next quarter begins.
• A grade 'I' will be given to the course until the result of the make-up or re-test are submitted in the grading database.

* Credit/No Credit Grading Policy

A student in good standing may elect to be graded on a Credit/No Credit basis in certain courses. A grade of Credit(CR) is awarded for courses equivalent to grades of 3.0 or higher. No credit(NC) is given for courses less than 3.0. The units earned will be counted in satisfaction of program requirements, but will be disregarded in determining a student's GPA. These courses are designated in the quarterly schedule of classes.

* Conditions and Limitations on Students Election of Credit/No Credit Evaluations

• Student who wishes to be graded on a Credit or No Credit basis must submit a petition to the Administration Office by the deadline date listed in the appropriate class schedule. No exceptions to the deadlines will be made.
• An evaluation on a CR/NC basis may not be changed later to a letter grade, nor may the reverse occur. No exceptions to this policy will be made.
• Certain courses, at the discretion of the instructor and/or the school, may not be taken on a CR/NC basis.
• No more than 16 units of a student's coursework for an associate degree may be taken on a CR/NC basis.
• Bachelor's degree objective students may take 30 units of coursework on a CR/NC basis, and the limit for the Master's degree is 20 units.
• The maximum number of units that may be taken CR/NC in certificate program is determined by the department chairman or the program director.

* Prerequisites and Co-requisites

A prerequisite is a completed course, or other measure of academic preparations. A student is required to meet to demonstrate current readiness for enrollment in a particular course or a program. American Trinity University requires students to complete prerequisite courses with a grade of 'C' or higher, prior to register in the course requiring the prerequisite.
A co-requisite is a condition of enrollment consisting of a course that a student is required to take simultaneously in order to enroll in another course. it is student's responsibility to determine whether the student has met a prerequisite requirement.

* Scheduling and Cancellation of Classes

American Trinity University operates on quarter system. Our University’ academic year is divided into four 11-week quarters, which include 10 weeks of instruction and 1 week of final examinations. We publish a schedule of classes prior to the beginning of each quarter.
Schedule is given to students upon registration. American Trinity University reserves the rights to cancel classes if student enrollment is insufficient or for other compelling and justifiable reasons. Students receive refunds for cancelled classes in accordance with the University’ refund policy and the California Education Code.

* Class Availability

The availability of each on site course listed in the catalog is contingent upon the requisite number of students registering for each course.

* Reapplication after Failure to Enroll

Applicants who fail to register for the quarter for which they have been accepted will have their admission eligibility put on a hold status. Any transcripts on file at that time will be held for two years; these transcripts may be used for admission within two years of holding period. If the student undertakes additional coursework at other institution during this interval, an official transcripts of any coursework taken must be forwarded to American Trinity University's Office of Admissions and Records. Transferable credits will have to meet American Trinity University's program policy of transferability of unites.

* Enrollment Cancellation

Students have rights to cancel their enrollment for a course of instruction, including any equipment such as textbooks, materials, supplies, and any other goods related to the instruction offered, within five business days from the first day of class. When cancelling enrollment, student has to submit Enrollment Agreement Cancellation form along with the written notice of cancellation. Cancellation shall occur when a student submits a written notice of cancellation to the registrar's office. This can be done by mail, hand delivery, or telegram. The written cancellation notice does not need any particular form, however, it has to provide resonable statement of cancelling the enrollment.
Enrollment Agreement Cancellation form should be provided to students at the time of enrolling. The form may also be obtained at the Administration Office during office hours. Students are responsible for returning any class materials such as textbooks, if it was provided from the institution, within 30 days of his/her cancellation. If the student fails to return any equipment in a good condition within 30 days, the University may deduct its documented cost for the equipment from any refund that may be due to the student. Once the student pays for the equipment, it is the student's to keep without further obligation. If an enrollment is cancelled, the institution will refund any amount you paid, if no deduction is made for equipment, within 30 days of your cancellation.

* Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from a course before the third week of the quarter without penalty. After the third week, a course may be dropped only for accepted reasons in which case, the student will receive a grade of 'W'. Students who do not officially withdraw from the course will automatically receive a 'F' grade. Regardless of the circumstances of withdrawal or the date of notification to the institution, the official withdrawal date is the last date a student attended classes. Both refunds and final grade determinations are based upon last date of class attendance.

* Attendance Requirements

hours that the class meets in a week, or when the instructor judges a student’ absences to be excessive as to make it impossible for completing the course successfully, the instructor must drop the student from the class. Each student is expected to attend the class for which he/she is registered, to arrive on time, and to stay during the class period.
We recognize that absences may occur as a result of circumstances beyond a student's control.

• Students with more than four unexcused absences in a regularly scheduled class are required to complete make-up assignments in order to be eligible to take the final examination
• Students with more than six unexcused absences are considered unofficially withdrawn from the course and will automatically be given 'F'
• Excusable absences are as follows:
  - Childbirth
  - Documented illness
  - Death in the immidate family
  - Emergency situations reported to the Dean
  - Injury
  - Jury Duty
  - Military Duty

* Tardiness

American Trinity University encourages students to be on time for all classes and activities. Being Students arriving late more than 30 minutes of a class will be considered absent unless acceptable reasons are given. Three tardies shall be considered as one unexcused absence.

* Course Information/ Syllabus

During the first week of classes, the instructor will distribute printed syllabus. This course syllabus contains:

• Instructor's grading policy
• Required texts and other materials
• A general outline of subject
• Availability of instructor's office meeting
• Prerequisites or corequisites for the course
• Course objectives, requirements, and goals
• Attendance requirements
• Policy on due dates and make-up assignments
• Schedule of examinations

* Standards of Academic Progress

Probation and disqualification policies are based on the philosophy that the University has an obligation to assist students who, due to unsatisfactory academic performance, may experience difficulty in realizing their potential.

* Probation- Academic Probation

Undergraduate students whose GPA falls below 2.0, and Graduate students whose GPA falls below 3.0 for courses at American Trinity University shall be placed on a academic probation.

• A student on a probation is required to meet with the academic advisor to review his/her academic progress
• A student on probation may be assigned a restricted program of studies
• Any bachelor or associate degree student who is on an academic probation receiving a GPA of 2.0 or higher, but whose cumulative grade GPA is less than 2.0 (3.0 for graduate students) shall remain on an academic probation.

* Removed from Probation

Any student placed on an academic probation shall be removed when the cumulative GPA exceeds 2.0 for undergraduates and 3.0 for graduates.

* Academic Disqualification

Any bachelor degree student currently on an academic probation whose GPA for a course undertaken in the quarter is less than 2.0 (3.0 for graduates) shall be disqualified academically, and may not attend the college during the succeeding quarter.

* Report Delayed Non-Evaluative Symbol

The Report Delayed may be assigned when there is a delay in reporting the grade of a student due to circumstances beyond the control of the instructor. It is a temporary notation to be replaced by a permanent symbol as soon as possible. Report Delayed(RD) shall not be used in calculating GPA.

* Waiver or Substitution of a Course

A student may request permission to waive or substitute a course required for graduation process. Petitions for waiver must be approved by the academic dean, the chairman of the department, or academic program director. Petition forms are available at the Office of Admissions and Records.

* Reinstatement

Any student who believes he/she has been unjustifiably disqualified may file a petition for a reconsideration. Petition forms are available at the Office of Admissions and Records.

* Final Examination

Final examinations are required and will be given at the scheduled times. A student may arrange a make-up final when the instructor allows for such an exception. If an examination is scheduled at a time when it is in a violation of a student’ religious creed, a make-up examination is allowed without penalty.

* Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence may be granted to a student with an acceptable reason. The official request for Leave of Absence form may be obtained from the Registrar's Office. It is granted only in extreme cases and must be approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs. The Dean will prescribe the duration of the Leave of Absence and specific conditions for resumption of study.

* Extended Leave of Absence

When a student finds it necessary to interrupt progress towards a degree for an educational reason, that is acceptable to the appropriate University authorities, the student may be granted an Extended Leave of Absence. Only students in good standing are eligible for an Extended Leave of Absence. A student granted an Extended Leave of Absence has a commitment from the University to be reinstated in good standing. Reasons for requesting a leave must be stated clearly and completed. A petition for an Extended Leave of Absences are not limited to the following:

• Professional or academic opportunities: travel, study abroad, employment related to the student’ major, research projects, or participation in the field of study
• Medical reasons: pregnancy, major surgery, or other health-related circumstances
• Financial reasons: necessity to work for a specific period in order to resume study with adequate resources.

Approval will depend upon the significance of the leave in surcharging the student’ educational objective. It is the student's responsibility to demonstrate a significant relationship between the Extended Leave of Absence an d the progress towards his/her educational objective. Leaves may be granted for a maximum of two years or eight consecutive quarters. A request for an Extended Leave of Absence must be filed prior to the period of absence. Retroactive leave requests will not be approved.
Failure to return from an Extended Leave of Absence will be considered as a withdrawal from the University. Under such circumstances, re-enrollment will require a new application for readmission from a returning applicant.

* Retroactive Withdrawal

A student who discontinues attending and participating in all courses without a formal notice/petition to the University will receive grade 'F' in all courses officially enrolled for the particular quarter. A student may file a petition to have these grades retroactively changed to the administrative grade 'W' when he/she can demonstrate and document that there were serious and compelling reasons for the unofficial withdrawal from the University during the quarter in question.
A student who wishes to apply for retroactive withdrawal must do so within one calendar year of the last day of the quarter in which the student unofficially withdrew from the University. A student does not have to be enrolled at the University at the time of submitting the application for retroactive. Petitions are available from the Office of Admissions and Records.

* Standards for Student Achievement

For the purpose of determining Standards for Student Achievement for course registration eligibility and maintaining financial aid from the University, students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. If a student's GPA falls below 2.0, the student will not be allowed to graduate until he/she meets the minimum standards of student achievement. Student may file petition for repeating such courses to raise cumulative GPA. Students are required to make quantitative progress towards a degree by achieving a minimum completion of credits if enrolled as a full-time student. Students taking less than a full scheduled-course will be adjusted accordingly. Under special mitigating circumstances, Dean of Academic Affairs may control students who do not meet the above standards. These students may be considered to make satisfactory progress for the purpose of determining eligibility of a course registration and financial aid programs.

* Drop-out Policy

Students who have not registered for four or more consecutive quarter are considered drop-out students. Dropout students are automatically dismissed from the University. Students who wish to be reinstated will required to attain the approval from the Dean of Academic Affairs and must submit an application for Readmission. A reentering student must meet any new graduation requirements and regulations effected at the time of readmission.
Drop-out students who are reinstated will be placed on probationary status and must receive a grade of 3.0 or higher from the course completed during the first quarter of reinstatement, or will be permanently dismissed from the University.

* Time Limit

Students must complete all requirements from the enrolled program within the specified time limits. If a student fails to complete the program within the time limit, he/she shall be permanently dismissed from the University.

* Change of Major

Students have the opportunity to change their major upon the request. In such cases, students should consult with advisors for assistance in making a decision. Transferring from one major to another does not change the student's scholastic standing, nor constitute a break in continuous enrollment. Students who change major are subjected to fulfill the requirements in effect at the time of changing major.

* Curriculum Deviation

Although the University has specified a program of courses for each major, under certain conditions a student may be permitted to deviate from the established curriculum. Information regarding a request to deviate from the curriculum may be obtained from student's academic advisor.

* Election of Regulation

Students remaining in continuous attendance may elect to meet the degree requirements in effect either (1) at the time they take their first course as a Regular Status student in a degree program, or (2) at the time they graduate. Substitutions for discontinued courses may be authorized or required by the program offering the degree.

* Full-time Equivalent and Full-time Student

Enrollment in American Trinity University is measured in Full-time equivalent student. A full-time enrollment is equivalent to 12 units of a course credit.

* Name Change

Any changes of student's name should be immediately reported to the Office of Admissions and Records. Students reporting name changes during a quarter are advised to notify their instructors in order to maintain proper recognition and identification.

* Record-keeping: Custodian of Records

A person who is in charge of the maintenance of public security should also be in charge of documents related to school office, professors, faculties, and students. He or she should accomplish the following official duties:

• Operation inspections and instructions concerning documentation securities
• Inspect and control of possession of confidential documents
• Control of persons who enter and exit the school office
• A person in charge of documents and its security should confirm the condition of the preservation. He/ she should take complementary measures such as fumigation to prevent the documents from deteriorations, fires, and damages by blight and insects. Documents should be in an original condition.

* Transcript Requests

Student who has an academic record at American Trinity University is entitled to one transcript without any charges. Additional copies may be requested upon a payment of $20.00. Official transcript request form is available at the Office of Registrar.
Due to requirements of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 2974, any transcript requests must be submitted in writing with the student’ signature and student's school ID. A transcript will issed after the student has settled all financial obligations to the University.

* Debts owed to the College

Transcripts, diplomas, and registration privileges, or any combination thereof, will be withheld, if a student has a financial obligation incurred at the University. Any requests and petitions submitted to the University will be released as soon as the student satisfies the financial obligation. If a student believes that he/she does not owe all or parts of financial obligation at the University, the student should contact the University's Office of Registrar.

* Withdrawal from the College

A student has the right to cancel the Enrollment Agreement during the first week of the term to obtain a refund of enrollment fee (application fee is non-refundable). Refund amount will be calculated based on a prorata basis, for withdrawals after the first week of the session. A petition for withdrawal may be obtained from the Office of Admissions and Records. It is student's responsibility to secure required signatures and clear any obligations the student has with the University before submitting the withdrawal form. Any refunds due to students will be made through the University's Business Office. In the event of a verified medical condition of a student which necessitates to complete withdrawal from the University, the student will be given an approval for a medical withdrawal.

* Dismissal from Class and/or the College

Students with excessive absences, disruptive behavior, or deliberate falsification of information are subjected for a dismissal from a class or from the University, for a determined period of time by the instructor, director, or the dean.

* Changes in the Catalog

American Trinity University reserves rights to revise the information in the catalog if necessary, including changes in the curriculum, personnel, procedure, policies and financial matters. The University takes no responsibility for program changes or publication errors beyond its control. The catalog is updated and revised annually, and is available in December of each year.

* Statement of University Rights

This catalog is published to guide and assist students in making decisions leading to the academic accomplishments. The policies, procedures, rules, and regulations stated in the catalog are or information only, and it cannot constitute an irrevocable contract between the student and American Trinity University. Information in the catalog shall be constructed, operated as, or have the effect of an abridgement or limitation of any rights and privileges of the Board of Trustees or the President of American Trinity University.

* Graduation Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements prior to graduate:

• Successfully complete all specified requirements for enrolled program within the time limit
• Complete a graduation assessment
• Timely file all necessary forms for graduation
• Submit graduation and commencement fee
• Settle all financial obligations with the University