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Degree Programs

• Bachelor of Christian Leadership
• Bachelor of Family Ministry
• Bachelor of Healing Ministry
• Bachelor of Missiology
• Bachelor of Religious Counseling
• Bachelor of Religious Education
• Bachelor of Religious Law Studies
• Bachelor of Theology
• Bachelor of Religious Studies
• Bachelor of Religious Philosophy
• Bachelor of Yogic Studies

• Master of Christian Leadership
• Master of Family Ministry
• Master of Healing Ministry
• Master of Missiology
• Master of Religious Counseling
• Master of Religious Education
• Master of Religious Law Studies
• Master of Divinity
• Master of Religious Studies
• Master of Religious Philosophy
• Master of Yogic Studies

• Doctor of Christian Leadership
• Doctor of Family Ministry
• Doctor of Healing Ministry
• Doctor of Missiology
• Doctor of Religious Counseling
• Doctor of Religious Education
• Doctor of Religious Law Studies
• Doctor of Theology
• Doctor of Religious Studies
• Doctor of Religious Philosophy
• Doctor of Yogic Studies