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The southern Baptist Center for Biblical Studies was founded by Dr. Charles A. Williams and with his wife, Dr. Georgia Gantt Williams in Atlanta, Georgia in 1980. The center was charted in March,1981 in Jacksonville, by Florida Department of the state, Florida government. Trinity Bible college and Seminary was found by Dr. Charles A. Williams(Accoding of requesting of as the Korean director Dr. Paul H. Hahn) in October 26, 1989 by Florida Department of State(This Seminary, later June 20, 2003 the name was changed into 'Trinity Theological College and Seminary'). Dr. Paul H. Hahn has been appointed the Korean Director for Southern Baptist School at the same time, Trinity Theological College and Seminary. Southern Baptist School for Biblical Studies in Jacksonville, Florida and Immanuel Baptist Theological Seminary in Peachtree, Georgia have been cooperated and helped to us.
According to the change of our seminary’s situations, this School’s name 'American Trinity University' and location have been changed and is newly found and established in association with the Lordland Education Group(Chairman, Charles K. Jung, Ph.D. & Ed.D.) by Dr. Paul H. Hahn in July 16, 2015, in Los Angeles, California, USA. However, by and large, courses offered at this associate university are primary full Gospel in perspective.